Our Grand Tour of Europe started in jolly old England. We got there several days early to see more of the sights than the tour allowed, due to the short time scheduled there. We were glad we did because there is much to see. From Piccadily circus to the National Museum to just having a pint in a local pub.  We visited the reconstructed Globe Theatre and saw the Queen and the Trooping of the Colors. It was a memorable visit.
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picadilly square trafalger square

              Picadily Circus and  Trafalger Square

street circus

            Typical Street.          Musician playing in underground subway.

trooping queen's flag

Trooping of the Colors celebration.   The Queen's flag flying; she is at home.

queen tower

Queen Elizabeth II.                    Tower of London; Crown Jewels repository.

beefeater henry's armor

        Tower of London Guard.          King Henry VIII's suit of armor.

bridge guard

London Bridge view from Tower of London.  Guard at Tower.


Tower Guards are not immobile!           They don't move a lot!
rosetta stonerosetta stone

                  The Rosetta Stone in the London Museum.


         The London Museum has many rooms of antiquities.

        These are from Persia. (Present day Iran.)

big benglobe

      Big Ben is a must.            We visited a reconstructed Globe Theatre.


            The Globe Theatre.                  White Cliffs of Dover!

dovertour guide.
Leaving England, from Dover.
  Hi, I'm Walter, your tour guide for 26 days!