The Czech Republic was interesting to see just 10 years after the fall of Communism in the country. It is now a growing, capitalist country with both the good and bad features of its newfound economic/political system.  It was interesting to see the changes since my previous visit when it was still a communist country.  Gone from the main square were the big, red communist stars.  The Church steeples were no longer painted red, nor were they museums. There were plenty of consumer goods available and every type of shop you could imagine. It is now common to see all sorts of new cars of many different makes and models. It was much different than my first visit when people clustered around my Volkswagen bus that had a western license plate.

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                                  Capitalism comes to the countryside.

Many buildings are in a state of disrepair.   Apartments.                     

             The seedy side of capitalism has returned.

             Our hotel in Prague, Dianna is thrilled!


Prague is interesting to tour, with a blend of the old architecture and the new.

The Prague National Museum features a display from the stone age to the medieval age.

Czech traditional dancers doing their thing.

Departing the Czech Republic, on the way to Austria.